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Health, LongevityTemperament are #1 in this kennel!

P3K Gobo - 2016

My name is Amanda,
Thank you for stopping by.

Why do we breed you ask?
We breed to help better the breed in health, temperament and longevity. Or at least those are our goals. Even though we haven't been breeding long (2007), these are our number one goals, and they always will be. We're hoping to breed semi or full show quality dogs, with many champions in their lines, we just don't want to compromise their health to do it. Currently we are just breeding gorgeous dogs with great health and temperaments, longevity right now is average, but we're working on it ^_^.

Puppies or Young adults need their new humans to have a basic understanding of their breed. All Dogs have their own needs, Mentally, Physically, and Nutritionally.
Please read about the breed of dog/puppy you want before you jump in and get one. If you need help I am more then happy to answer questions, if I don't know the answer I'll find it out.

Please make sure you have enough time and energy for the type of dog you want. They all need lots of attention to grow and toys to play with. Beware though, too many toys and your new puppy may become over whelmed and chew on bad things rather then his or her things. As they grow though you can spoil your bub with as many toys as you want. We usually have 10-50 toys per dog here.

All of my dogs are raised on a good quality food, please don't just get a dog buy some dog food and there you go, please watch what you give your new puppy/dog. Miniature Dachshunds have different dietary needs then say a Chihuahua or Great Dane. Dachshunds should NOT be free fed, unless you know how to slowly wean them onto it, otherwise they have a habit of overeating, overeating means the dog is over weight, and over weight means a lot of health issues. All Dogs here though are raised with free feeding, so if that is the route you want we just made it easier.

With Dachshunds YOU need to make sure you know what your feeding them, NO Ol' Roy, Alpo, Atta Boy or anything like that, it's like dumping a trash can over and saying pig out, or raising your kid on nothing but candy. Feed your dogs healthy foods like Orijen, Instinct, Canidae, Nutro, Royal Canin, or even Pure Balance they will live longer healthier lives, and you'll be grateful you went with the good foods over the cheaper.

If the Puppy/Dog is injured or sick it must be seen by a vet, you can never take chances about whether or not it's just something they'll get over, it's always best to seek good veterinary care to make sure everything is ok, as well as having regular check ups at least every 6-12 months as well as getting regular immunizations done.

All good caring breeders should require that their adopters do these things- (Knowing your breed, Good Diets, Quality Care and Veterinary Care). When Puppies and Dogs are going to children under 18 years of age, it is still the parent's responsibility to see to the pups welfare. That the dog/puppy is taken for walks every day (or at least 2-3 times a week), has fresh water, food, and veterinary care if needed.

We carefully match up which Parents will bring out the Best tempered, and highest Quality pups.
Health, Temperament, and Longevity are #1 in this kennel. Although Confirmation is a goal as well.
We Feed our dogs, either Pure Balance, Instinct, Royal Canin, or the High Protein Food from Sam's Club, as well as some well balanced home cooked meals and almost daily raw meat "treats" as I call them. We've started feedin a healthy mix of extra things (Seen on our new Diets page) 2-7x a week.
Our moms-to-be, get the same kibble as the rest of the crew with a few extra ingredients for the growing babies inside her.
I really recommend raising your new puppy/dog in your home with you, They are not meant to be outside animals, they need warm loving homes to flourish, we raise our pups inside our home with our family. If you live in Arizona it is required that the dog be INDOORS, it's much too hot for them to be outdoors, especially in the summer, and in Bullhead City (here our summers usually reach 140F!!).
I love all my puppies and dogs and want to see them go to good, caring homes. To someone who will love and spoil them as much as I do if not more.

If you can no longer keep your Puppy/Dog(ies/s) from P3K then you MUST contact me and let me know and I will take them back. If I find out that you could longer keep them and did not contact me, I will fine you with a minimum of 1,000.00 dollars and request the dog back, because I really DO care about knowing what happens to my babies, I like to know where they are, be updated on their health and how happy they are. EVERY canine leaving P3K is PET ONLY, unless otherwise specified.
We will take legal action if required.

My Dogs get walked often. We've even started going to the dog park on the weekend. They need this exercise to work out their extra energy they may have and it's good for their bodies. They are brushed and groomed to have personal bonding time as well as to keep them looking their best. Each dog/puppy is raised in our home with in and outdoor time at their choice. We work our hardest to keep them happy and well taken care of.