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Bullhead City Breeding
For the Good of the Breed!

Dachshund Puppies

Prices may Vary litter by litter
We've decided that every puppy will be 1,200.00 for Pet Only
This includes the non-refundable deposit (200.00) & Spay/Neuter.
As our vet fees go up, our fees must go up.

Breeding Rights for a Smooth or Long Hair is 1,400.00
Breeding Rights for a Wire is 1,500.00
Breeding Rights for a Sprocket Puppy is 1,600-2,000.00
This includes the non-refundable deposit (200.00) and FULL AKC rights.

If it's a Cobreeding Litter every puppy will be 2,000.00 for Pet Only
Breeding Rights for a Cobred puppy with approval from the other breeder is 2,500-3,000.00
All depending on the other breeder.

All Puppies leave at 12 weeks of age, No Sooner!
They receive their shots (from a vet) at 7,9 & 11 weeks,
and are Spay/Neutered at 11 weeks.
(Obviously full AKC pups will NOT be spayed/neutered)

Dewormed with Drontal at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks
As well as Naturally at 3,5,7,9,10,11,12 weeks

We also use Revolution for puppies on starting at 8 weeks.

ALL puppies are Microchipped in my Name, Owners are Alternates.
AKC papers will have my chosen puppy name on them, unless we agree on something else.
I will register all puppies after they have been in their new homes for 1 month.
Pedigree will be 20.00 extra.

All puppies leave with 3 shots, properly dewormed, Leash, collar, Microchip, spay/neutered
food, toys, Snuggle Sack, paperwork, etc