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Bullhead City Breeding
For the Good of the Breed!

If you are under the age of 18, please have your Parent/Guardian contact us/fill out our questionnaire, we do not sell pet, show or breeder pups/dogs to minors, without first discussing things with your Parent/Guardian.

We may have more questions for you.
If you are new to the breed or dogs in general please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, there's nothing wrong with admitting you don't know, that's one advantage of adopting from a breeder, I too ask other more experienced breeders about things.

If you have already gotten a puppy or dog from us, just e-mail us *or message us on FB* with what you are interested in we'll be happy to help.

Alvin - 2016

After we get back to you about available puppies or waiting lists:

Once it has been decided which puppy/dog you are interested in, we will temporarily place any puppy/dog on hold for you.
If in that time you decide not to adopt the puppy/dog please let me know as soon as you can, so I can get them to a new home. In order to hold any puppy/dog, we require a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT per Puppy/dog of 200.00. All Deposits will go toward the total of the adoption fee.
All deposits are required to be paid via Cash, Money Order, Facebook Messenger or Paypal within 72 hours. After that 72 hours if I have not received your deposit then I will simply cancel your hold and move to the next person. I will NOT contact you after that.
I will hold any puppy/dog for you up to 2 weeks (after their available date).
After the 2 weeks unless otherwise arranged I will assume you are no longer interested and we will move on to find another home.

Jaeger - 2013

I will not lower my adoption fees if you adopt two puppies at once. The puppies are not to be bargained for. I've had some folks say well since I have to do shots and get toys and collars and such I shouldn't have to pay so much... I give you toys, Collar and leash as well as proper shots before they go home...
If you adopt from most other breeders, pet shop, or backyard breeder, you still have to do the shots yourself and get everything else.

Puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age at the time you wish to pick them up.
This date will be listed with each litter, so please try to plan it by that date, there can and will be very few exceptions.
You will be required to sign an adoption contract before taking your new puppy/dog home, All animals will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving, unless under a breeding contract.

Registration Papers
We are now registering the puppies ourselves with our chosen name.
So many Pet & Breeders are registering without our Required P3K prefix, we have decided to just register all of our puppies ourselves.
The Registration papers will be in your name, but we will do it after the puppy goes home and has been home at least 1 month. *it's a hassle to register a puppy then have it returned a week later and have to redo the papers, not to mention expensive*
This is also to stop any one from registering the puppy with Full AKC when they adopted them as a pet only. (We try to weed out these people but some may slip through)
Even though fixed, we don't want them as full incase it's to falsify another pups pedigree.

Microchip Registration
Microchips will ALL be registered in our name.
End of Story.
You will be listed as the ALTERNATE Contact.
We've tried doing it the other way and so many people remove us as the Alternate.
Even though it is stated in our Contract that we are to remain on there.
We have had puppies after 5+ years get lost from their owners and we were contacted and able to get the pup back to their home.
You will get their microchip number and information but we will be the main Contact person on the chip.

Every pup will go home with LIMITED papers. Each and every pup WILL be Spayed or Neutered before they leave us. There is a Contract.

**Papers can be CPR, APRI, UABR, AKC, or any mix of the group, it will be listed with the litter what registries**