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Bullhead City Breeding
For the Good of the Breed!


While we are not fans of the hassle of Shipping, but we do offer it.
Generally shipping will be done with Breeding dogs only.
*Less red tape to go through*

Shipping is 550.00
600.00 if over 12 weeks and a Rabies shot is needed
This includes the price for the flight, crate, health certificate, travel to the airport *we have to go almost 2.5 hours away* and other things.

Your Papers will be accompanying your new puppy/dog.

50% of the flight fee will be required as soon as flying is decided as the route to get your puppy.
The Remaining Balance will be due 1.5 weeks prior to shipping, dependent on your choice of payment.
 *We will keep in touch with you to make sure the flight arrangements work for everyone.*
Prices are subject to change depending on the airlines.
Flyin a puppy will be either Ourselves or a trusted Puppy Nanny flying to an available Airport, on a day that works for best for all, with puppy in cabin with us.
We're considering switching to ground transport ourselves or flying the puppies ourselves, IF we do this then it will be 1,000.00 Flight fee.
Saturday and Sunday's only

We Offer Close Ground Delivery

All delivery charges will be paid for in advance to delivery.
Delivery to the following Cities and States, for the following fee, cover my gas and rental, and not my time.
We try to base this as close to the amount we are spending.
(Bullhead City, Az, to one of the destinations listed below, then back to Bullhead city)

If I will need a hotel then the buyer will be required to pay the $60.00 hotel fee, on top of the delivery charges listed, which I have already included in the delivery charge. *Anything over 500mi round trip will require one as my back and such can't make that all at once* (should we not use a hotel, the 60.00 will be returned)
 We reserve the right to decide not to deliver to the locations listed, as time and life itself may get in the way of allowing us time to deliver.
Should I require a rental car that 80.00 will be tacked on.

These delivery options are subject to change if fuel continues to rise!!
We will try to go the fastest, cheapest route available, to try and be slightly more cost effective.


Flagstaff: 377 miles$170.00
Lake Havasu: 130 miles$100.00
Parker: 202 miles$90.00
Phoenix: 468 miles$250.00
Prescott: 374 miles$190.00
Tucson: 698 miles$350.00
Yuma: 408 miles$200.00


Barstow: 330 miles$160.00
Blythe: 232 miles$125.00
Needles: 40 miles$50.00
Nipton: 135 miles$100.00


Ely: 694 miles $350.00
Las Vegas: 210 miles
Overton: 300 miles$150.00
Pahrump: 312 miles  $120.00
Reno: 1,086 miles$500.00
Searchlight: 92 miles
Wells: 972 miles

All charges will be paid in full, prior to me driving to your destination and must be paid either by mailing me a Check, or Money order, Facebook Messenger, Paypal, or Venmo once I have received this we will set a date and time to meet.
I am easy to work with on delivery date usually though at this time Friday-Sun are optimal days.

We do have another shipping/ground option.
We've used them and are beyond happy with them as are other customers we've talked to *VERY Highly recommended*

If you would like to know about this other option please feel free to ask ^__^